Migraine Symptoms

If you are not sure whether you're suffering from migraine just because you got these headaches more often these days. Then the following are some of the symptoms that might help you to decide.

1) Throbbing or hammering pain on one or both sides of your head.

2) Intensity of the headache ranges from moderate to severe to almost intolerable.

3) Might experience an aura though it's more common that migraine sufferers don't experience auras.

4) Might feel lethargic and sad when you have the migraine attack.

5) Might experience loss of appetite, nausea, extreme sensitivity to light, smells and/or sounds during the migraine attack.

It's widely agreed that the symptoms of migraines can be different for each individual, so don't diagnose your headaches as non-migraine just becuase you did not have some of the symptoms listed above. The best thing to do is get a professional advise. Tell your doctor about your symptoms, and let him be the one to identify the kind of headaches you're suffering from and determine what can be done to wipe out the pain.

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