Migraine Headaches -- Friends or Foe?

Migraine headaches bugging you lately?

If so, you're not alone. In fact, during the past year in the United States alone, between 90% of men and 95% of women have suffered at least one headache attack, with 40 to 50 million Americans' headaches being chronic in nature; 88 percent of women and 68% of men have suffered tension-type headache, the most common category, while migraines affect 26 to 30 million Americans, or 1 in every 9 adults.

Would the world be an ideal place to live in if we can experience no pain at all? At least, it would mean no more migraine headache which is definitely a reason for migraine sufferer to celebrate all day long. But, on the other hand, pain has one crucial function: to warn us that something harmful has occurred to our body. Pains warns us of danger if ignored can lead to physical harm or even death. For example, if we touch a hot kettle unknowingly with our hand without the ability to experience pain, our hand will be burned and finally cooked. So pain is definitely a good thing. But what if the pain happen in your head and it comes and go anytime it likes without any schedule or apparent reason, then it might not be that good any more.

So what is migrained Headaches? Before I answer it, you may already know that headaches can be serious, disabling illness, a life-altering condition causing helplessness and misery, disrupting families, interfering with career, school, lifestyle, and qualtiy of life. Nor is any age group immune; children are afflicted, even babies. For some, headaches can lead to depression and suicide.

Migraine headaches are the number-one complaint in doctors' offices, with 10 million Americans a year visiting a physician specifically for the problem while a uncountable millions more not even bothering to ask for medical advice, because they ignorantly don't think anything can be done to help them. This website is created to help migraine sufferers out there with FREE advice on migraines treatment and cure.

Migraine headaches are the major reason for adult missing from work and kids from school. In the United States alone, lost work time is estimated to be 150,000,000 days per year resulting $17.2 billion being spent in medical treatment and billions in lost dollars to business; lost school days due to migraine headaches are guessed to be at 329,000 days per month nationwide. Add to this headache sufferers who, despite pain and affliction, still maintain attendance at jobs and school, but function at 50 percent capacity.

So let's look at our question again: What is migrained Headaches? They are often experienced as intense, recurring headaches on pretty regular interval. The good news are they are manageable - if you make an effort to sort out the things that trigger your migraines, and the sorts of medications and lifestyle changes needed to stop your migraine headache.

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