Do You Know Where Migraine Headache Begin?

To seek Migraine Treatment, we have to know where migraine Headache begins before we can get rid of it. We know migraine headache happen in our head. But, do you know exactly where. Somewhere in the brain lies the migraine headache control center, which receives the flow of migraine triggers that activate the migraine attack. Where this center is located, no one knows for sure, but the hypothalamus is the most obvious candidate. This deep-seated tiny organ in the brain controls many basic functions, including your sleep-wake cycle, hunger and satiety, hormonal regulation, and the autonomic (involuntary) nervous system.
Several features of the hypothalamus make it the most likely site of the migraine headache control center. To start with, virtually all migraine activators (or migraine triggers) have input to the hypothalamus. For instance, emotional triggers such as stress (or letdown after stress) and depression involve the brain's limbic system, of which the hypothalamus is a part. In addition, hormonal triggers such as estrogen are regulated by the hypothalamus and have special access to it (In order to be able to monitor hormones, the hypothalamus lacks the normal blood-brain barrier that shields most of the brain from substances circulating in the bloodstream.)
Chemical triggers in foods and beverages can also reach the hypo-thalamus as they circulate in the bloodstream following absorption from the gut. Migraine can be triggered by skipping meals as well, perhaps because of the role of the hypothalamus in overseeing hunger and satiety. Sensory triggers, both visual (sunlight glare, strobe lights) and olfactory (perfumes, cigarette smoke), can also reach the hypothalamus via direct nerve pathways leading from receptors in the eyes and nose. An association between the migraine control center and the hypothalamus is likely for other reasons. Migraine is often linked to the sleep-wake cycle, which is governed by the brain's master clock, located in the hypothalamus. The relationship of migraine to the sleep-wake cycle is evident not only from fluctuations in migraine activity occurring at regular times (for instance, headaches upon awakening) but also from the triggering of migraine as a result of either sleep deprivation or oversleep (as on weekend mornings), as well as relief of migraine following sleep. So understanding where Migraine begins is a milestone in the success of Migraine Treatment.


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Bryan Perret said...

I agree with that. Lately I've been working late and had very little sleep, and the headaches kicked in, so I can see the importance of sleep.

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Riaha Raj said...

Migraine is mostly triggered by a sedentary lifestyle and mostly by an imbalanced nutrient. Carrot, cucumber and beetroot juice along with honey could give you some relief.

Migraine Home Remedies

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